Communitas Nomination Process

To nominate a person or company, first review the categories. Some of the categories are designated "Leadership" and are for multiple programs and efforts. Judges recognize there is overlap between categories and terminologies and definitions are often open to interpretation. Judges reserve the right to move a nomination to another category, should they choose.

After you find the category, click on the Nominate Today button. You will be taken to the online registration followed by the nomination system.

To Nominate (or Enter)

After filling in a title describing the nomination, a choice of categories will be presented in three tiers.

1. Choice of Parent Category; either Community Service, Corporate Social Responsibility, or a combined Community Service and Social Responsibility.
2. A general category such as company or individual.
3. A specific category such as volunteer project or philanthropy.

After the category is completed, you will be asked to provide a location for the nominee’s work, and type of business.

You will then be given the option to add another nomination. After completing the nomination process, you will be taken to checkout for payment. Following payment, you will be asked to upload nomination files.

1. Please upload a 1-2 page document describing the nomination and its impact. For example, you could include information such as purpose; challenges; beneficiaries; results; time; money and resources spent or saved.
2. In addition, upload any other files which would support the nomination such as photos, brochures, sustainability reports, newsletters, and media coverage.

Self-nomination is permitted. Nonprofits with paid staff who provide human services are not eligible for recognition in categories that are part of their mission. However, a nonprofit could nominate a volunteer or could enter a category for green or sustainability programs. A civic group or volunteer board could be recognized for their community involvement or philanthropic activities.

After reviewing the materials, the judges may have questions and reserve the right to email the nominator with specific written questions.

Privacy Notice

Communitas Awards recognizes some of the nomination material may be internal or proprietary in nature, so unless you grant permission for material to be displayed on our website or social media, only the judges will see your work. A permission box is displayed during the nomination process.

No nominator or nomination information is sold, traded, made available to a third party, or used for any other purpose.